White Taxi


The White TAXI is a specially designed vehicle for transfers of persons on a wheelchair. There is an electric ramp installed at the rear end of the vehicle to ensure safe embark and disembark from the vehicle as well as special docking spots making it able to accept and secure any type of wheelchair. The transfer ability is 1-2 wheelchairs (depending on the type) and 5 regular seats.

There is no taximeter yet in most occasions the fare is similar to a regular TAXI. In order to use the White TAXI, you need to make a booking or else your transfer will be served by the first available. The operators of the White TAXI in Chania are not just drivers. They are experienced rescuers, graduates of the greek EMS school, to ensure and maintain the highest quality of the service.

You are eligible to use the White TAXI if you are a disabled person or if you have movement difficulty caused by advanced age or a temporary injury.

The White TAXI can be used for transfers to and from all the hospitals of Crete, any port or airport and in general where ever a car can reach.

The White TAXI according to the greek law can perform basic door to door transfers. Our company Chania Special Transfers thanks to our specialized crews and equipment is able to provide additional services with minors extra charges.

  • Stairway service (for stairways and access difficulties)
  • Bedchair service ( for passengers with difficulties to remain seated)
  • Chauffeur service (coming soon)
  • Patient escort service (coming soon)