To Maridaki



“To Maridaki” is an eatery that specializes in cooking fish and seafood. It has a great variety of salads, legumes, vegetables, few meat dishes and mostly grilled or fried fresh fish or baked seafood.

We will cook whatever fresh fish and seafood is available at the fresh fish and seafood market, thus our daily menu is dependent on this. For example today fresh cuttlefish will be on the menu, therefore we will grill the cuttlefish, or it will be served fried with pasta, accompanied by fennel and olives or soup. If fresh cod is available it will be grilled or fried and accompanied by soup, braised with potatoes or cauliflower.

The menu the next day will be based on depending on what’s available at the market which in turn depends on the weather and season. We often work with fresh clams, fresh shrimp, fresh squid and octopus whenever they are available.

The main objective of our cooking is to combine fresh fish and seafood with legumes and vegetables in season at the lowest prices for the quality we offer. We have a glass cabinet in front of our eatery which is filled with fresh fish & seafood from which the customer can choose what they want to eat and how they would like it cooked. Furthermore it can be pre ordered and cooked in any way desired to be taken away or eaten and enjoyed in our comfortable setting.